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[ Closed Might Open Later on ] ROLEPLAY PLOT � � The bell rings and everyone knows what that means it's, time to go home. Yet not everyone at school goes home at the sound of the bell. Yeah, The poor teacher must remain at school for a couple of hours more correcting tests, preparing the next day classes, etc. So most of the time, their breaks in school, are spent in the Teacher's Lounge. So lets see how the lives of teachers go, they are human after all and have a life of their now full of love and drama~ RULES� � If you are interested in joining , please send me a message with your Character Sheet. � Max 2 Characters � The characters sexuality can be bisexual, gay or hetero . � Don't make your character with god like powers all the characters here will be human. :\ ;3 Please Join , i decided to try and make a collab here i miss being in a comic collab ;c

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The List of the Places Left <3

. Math Teacher:Taken
. English Teacher: Taken
. Science Teacher: Taken
. History Teacher: Taken
. Art Teacher: Taken
. Geometry Teacher: Taken
. Gym Teacher: Taken
. Second Language French: Taken
. Euro History Teacher: Taken
. Philosophy Teacher: Taken
. Music Teacher: Taken
. Chemistry: Taken
. Substitute Teacher 1 :

Here It is. If you want to be a student send me a message on your app or a subject that isnt on the list.

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